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Post Show Hangover

The days after a show are like having a hangover; a post show hangover without the bed spins or dry mouth.  The excitement and nervousness that builds prior to a show has dissipated.  Whatever inventory remains has been repacked and not necessarily in the order it went to the show.  The table coverings aren’t folded as nicely and probably need cleaning.  The drive home always seems shorter and faster than the drive out.  The car needs to be washed. 

My head feels a little fuzzy and my eyes a little heavy.  It takes several hours to really feel awake.  The computer stays at home so I have to thin out the email and respond to those that are most important.  Is there a Murphy’s Law stating wholesale orders shall increase in proportion to the number of days one is away at a show?

Eventually I organize the credit card receipts and call in the information.  Cash and checks will be deposited.  New names and addresses will be transferred to my customer mailing list.  I make a note to research email newsletters and to update transactions in Quickbooks.

Then I sit and stare at the plastic totes that need to be put away; back under tables or stacked behind the wire shelves.  That will wait for another day or at least until I trip over them one too many times.  My work table needs to be cleaned and cleared of whatever it was that I last worked on before I left for the show.  Sigh; I forgot to switch off the pasta machine motor.  Fortunately it is plugged into a pedal so, technically, it wasn’t left running.

Now where to begin as I emerge from my haze.  There are bottle stoppers to be made and card cases too.  A few more new sculptures are also on the list.  No rest for the weary; this is true.  Not much room for down time as there is always something to fill in the void.  I know this is better than nothing to do and twiddling my thumbs.  But for just a few more minutes I’d like to just sit here and rest in the sun.