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It’s Showtime Folks

The postcards were sent out a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately I still haven’t gotten into the habit of sending email announcements to those folks who only leave an email address on my show mailing list.  That is another task to add to the goal list; investigate an email newsletter service or just get better about sending emails to the customer list.

The table coverings have been pressed and folded and boxes of inventory packed.  I’ll start loading the car tonight and pack my suitcase.  Then I’ll have a few hours to relax before the excitement begins.

I’ve stated my intentions for the show like mantras and I’ll keep repeating them throughout the weekend.  The weather is supposed to be nice; sunny with temps in the 70’s and maybe 80.  Nice weather always makes a show easier to handle.

My booth is in the main building, booth #618.  If you happen to be in Northampton this weekend, please stop by.  Go here for directions to the Paradise City Arts Festival.

I’ll be back to blogging next week after a period of recovery.  I have pictures of the finished sculptures and some other new pieces to post when I return.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!