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The Bodies Have Arrived


I finished attaching the sculpted heads (posted on May 6) to their respective bodies this week.  More work needs to be done until they are finished but I thought you might like to see them in-progress.

And here are the four sculpts from the back row.

These guys are giving me a good laugh.

8 thoughts on “The Bodies Have Arrived

  1. I love them, they are so… together. I bet they tell you what they want to wear.

  2. So cool, Amy !!! Love the colors and patterns of the ‘outfits’ !

  3. Amy, they are FABULOUS!!!!!! I love their halos. There’s something very impish about the group, like they want you to lean in closer so they can tell you where the party is. I love them!!!


  4. Really great dolls Amy! Are the halos polymer as well?

  5. Smiling here don’t know why but i loved there lips. There great!!!!!

  6. Hi Ginger,

    I’m happy these guys made you smile too.


  7. Hi Cat,

    The halos are flattened bottle caps that have a patina finish. These guys didn’t even flinch when I attached the halos with tiny nails :).


  8. Hi Brenda, Dora, and Karen,

    Thanks for the compliments. They do look like they’re having some sort of conversation, don’t they? I’ll post pictures soon of the finished pieces.


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