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Vaughn Hills Sprites


Somewhere between the mist of the morning and the dew on the grass,
below the fallen leaves and the moss on the path,
live the Vaughn Hills Sprites.

The 2008 Vaughn Hills Sprites have left their words of inspiration and encouragement carved into tiny rocks.  Typically shy and slightly mischevious creatures, the sprites are showing their faces and a wisp of a wing alongside the tiny rocks.

If you’re quiet they may let you hold them in the palm of your hand and receive their energy. 



11 thoughts on “Vaughn Hills Sprites

  1. they’re beautiful. great work!

  2. I love them. They have an effervescent feeling of Spring about them.

  3. They’re awesome, Amy! So playful!

  4. Amy… those dolls are just adorable… I wonder what they are all saying…”hey, where do you think she’s sending us?” The ones with the eyes close are just going to be patient and wait. Great idea with coming up with them.

  5. Holy ClayPeople Batman! These are great!


  6. So playful amy i love them well done.

  7. Thanks for the compliments everyone! I’ve found myself holding them in my hands and rubbing the stones for luck and positive energy.


  8. I had no idea the changes that have taken place with your art. It’s just incredibly beautiful. I’m glad I took the time to read (once again) through your blog. The sprites are truly delightful. Let’s talk again soon. Will send photos after Saturday’s gallery stroll.


  9. Hi April,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, my art is moving is some new directions. I hope the gallery stroll was a big hit.


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