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Koto Inspiration


This figurative sculpture was inspired by a wax figure/doll created by the Koto people in Chad.  The original wax doll reflected changes brought about by the introduction of Islam.  Islam does not allow figurative representation, even in children’s dolls.  The Koto peoples responded by creating abstract images in wax.

Original inspiration Koto Peoples doll
Isn’t S/He a Doll? Play and Ritual in African Sculpture, Elisabeth L. Cameron

2 thoughts on “Koto Inspiration

  1. I love your version of the doll!! It came out very cool!!
    Is there wire wrapped in the clay around the head and neck?

  2. Hi Cat,

    There is wire wrapped around the neck as well as a thin snake of polymer clay. The head is all polymer clay.

    I’m glad you like her!


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