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Blessings Icon


It took a few days before I finished this icon which I started in Laurie Mika’s workshop in March.  First, I had to walk away from it.  It needed to sit and I needed to return to it with fresh eyes.  Then when I attempted to photograph it, the icon fell over and some tiles popped off.  Sigh.  It just wasn’t ready for its “debut.”

Now, however, it is ready.  Here is my Blessings Icon.

  Close up of the centerpiece

  Lower right corner

  Lower left corner

Top portion


9 thoughts on “Blessings Icon

  1. Your Blessings Icon was worth the wait Amy !! The colors and patterns of the tiles are marvelous. I really like the combination of different media in the piece.

  2. Looking at my pieces of tile, I begin to appreciate the many different finishes and thought behind the Icon. I may be a while before I have anything ready or not. Also think I need to buy a color wheel.

  3. Amy,

    I’ve followed your work for quite a while and I admire you for your artistic talent. I love the Blessings Icon. Especially the colors. Today is the 1st anniversary of my Mom’s passing and her favorite color was green. I just thought I would catch up on your blog postings…and there it was. All that beautiful green! It’d as if my Mom was saying hello to me!


  4. I love the colors you chose. Very nice!

  5. Hi All,

    Dora, Paula, Brenda, and Lisa, thank you for the compliments on my icon.

    Paula thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment in memory of your mom.

    Brenda, now is the time to play and not worry about a final, finished piece. A color wheel is a great idea for understanding the relationship between different colors. Also think about what colors you’re drawn to and perhaps use that as your starting point.


  6. Beautiful piece!! Love your color scheme!

  7. Thanks for your kind words Cat.


  8. Love your Blessings icon and find myself wondering what size this is. Your thoughts and musings were just what I needed to start my new day. Impulsively linked to you from another blog and look forward to spending some time enjoying your inspirational work.

  9. Hi Marilyn,

    Thanks for the compliments on the icon and my blog. The Blessings Icon is 9″ x 12″.


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