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My Ever Changing Moods Paper Doll


In another assignment from the online workshop, The Transformative Nature of Art Dolls, we were tasked with creating a two-sided paper doll that reflected both our good days and bad days; the bright and dark sides.  The idea was to depict these bright and dark sides through images and colors with as few words as possible.  As I was putting mine together The Style Council’s “My Ever Changing Moods” began playing in my head.

My good day or bright side has cheery colors, lots of smiles, and an overall great feeling.


This image pretty much describes how I feel on a good day.

On those dark days, I feel trapped, chained down by my feelings, and want life to go away.  Sometimes I’m in a “fighting” mood.

2 thoughts on “My Ever Changing Moods Paper Doll

  1. Hi Amy,
    What a great way to embrace both sides of yourself in creating this doll. I know what you mean about the dark days. I feel like there’s a black cloud that descends over me creating that trapped, overwhelmed feeling.
    I love the image of the woman in the leaning back position on the bright side of your doll. It looks like she’s saying to the world, “I am allowing and accepting of whatever comes and I love this glorious life!”

  2. Hi Karen,

    It is always interesting to me how much we learn about ourselves with these types of tasks. Fortunately I don’t have too many dark days; dark moments or hours but nothing that lasts too long anymore. And a big part of that is accepting the dark mood, letting it happen, moving through it, and moving from it.

    Here is to bright days, dark days, and jumping up and down days.


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