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The Urban Playground Movement

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In Boston today there was a meet-up of various people who celebrated International Pillow Fight Day.  IPFD states that such as event is a way to redefine public space, “to free it from the endless creep of advertising.”

The Boston event is organized by Banditos Misteriosos.  Banditos also organized The Silent Dance Experiment in February.  At that event 300 people arrived at Faneuil Hall and when the signal was given they started dancing.  (Everyone wore headphones with downloaded music and instructions.)  That event ended with a costumed Moses leading a conga line through Quincy Market.

David Cunningham, Associate Professor of Sociology at Brandeis University states:

“Public space in urban areas has had predictable and routine uses as a way of maintaining order in a chaotic urban environment.  The urban playground movement challenges that.  The idea of play is a sharp critique of the consumerized space that surrounds us, and strips away the commercialization.”

Sounds like fun to me.

Other area groups promoting similar events include Boston Society of Spontaneity and Improv Everywhere (New York.)


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