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Ah March, when thoughts turn to daffodils and tulips; when the herons return to the rookery and raise their babies; when you look at the pile of magazines you’ve collected over the winter, the dust bunnies breeding under the furniture, and the stack of winter clothes ready for donation and you think:


Okay, maybe it doesn’t happen quite that way but you must admit that with the approach of spring we tend to start thinking about cleaning, refreshing, and renewing.

And that is where Flylady comes in.

Flylady was brought to my attention by Waverly Fitzgerald in her Living in Season e-newsletter.  Flylady was created by Marla Cilley.  A member of Marla’s mentoring group came up with the acroynym Finally Loving Yourself (FLY).  Prior to creating Flylady, Marla was (and still is) a Sidetracked Home Executive (SHE).  Both Flylady and SHE offer advice and ideas for housecleaning and keeping organized.

I’ve discussed in previous entries the topics of single-tasking and clearing.  Flylady applies similar principles to cleaning and organizing.  Flylady divides the home into zones.  Each week a specific zone is targeted.  Each day you spend 15 minutes (yep, just 15 minutes) cleaning or organizing a specific area in that zone.

How ingenius is that?

Flylady combines easy tips and humor that help you get through those daily chores (or weekly, or monthly, or yearly, as the case may be.)  By taking a task and limiting it to a 15 minute block of time, Flylady demonstrates that cleaning can be fun (well, okay, maybe not fun but at least tolerable) and that you will be left with a sense of accomplishment.

To keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed, Waverly suggested checking in with Flylady at the beginning of each week, checking the tasks for that week (see the Sneak Peak at the Week link), and then plugging them into your weekly schedule.  This is also smart because if you are already feeling pressed for time, you will have everything listed on the calendar or in your planner and you eliminate taking more time each morning to check the web site.

The Flylady website can be a little overwhelming as it is filled to the brim with information.  Start with the home page which highlights several sections of the website.  Admittedly it is easy to get consumed in the website following links all over the place.  I’d apply Flylady’s cleaning advice to searching her site: Set your timer for 15 minutes and take it in baby steps.