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Wall Art

We are in the process of having several rooms painted.  It is amazing what a difference fresh paint can make in a room.  Prior to starting the painting, I’d been asked about wallpaper; why not put up wallpaper? 

Well, because I don’t like wallpaper.  I never have.  I still have memories of that flocked velvet stuff we once put up in a house during my childhood.  It always looked lovely for the first week or so.  And then the dust bunnies would appear and the slightest bit of dirt seemed to jump magically onto the flocked design.

Wallpaper; no thank you.

Until now.

The Boston Globe ran an article recently on wall decor; specifically removeable decals.  These are not your children’s tiny school stickers.  This is wall art for adults.

Fermliving sells wallpaper and wall decals in simple graphic designs inspired by nature.  These are really fun.  You can read their blog here.





I think the fingerprint is one of my favorites.  It seems dedicated to all our mothers who told us not to put our hands on the walls.

Blik also sells wall decals, re-stik decals, glass stiks, and decals to decorate your car.  Blik’s colorful graphics run the gamut from the art of Keith Haring,  to designs by Charles and Ray Eames, and Matthew Hagget, to graphics of space invaders, zippers, and nature.  Blik will also create wall decals from your favorite poem, phrase, or quote.  Blik also has a blog.



No flocked wall paper here!