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A New Earth Webcast Chapter 1

I was first made aware of Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth, in the monthly Kripalu e-newsletter.  In the newsletter was a link for some of Eckhart’s radio broadcasts.  A click on that link brought me to a link for Eckhart’s web site which in turn brought me to a link to Oprah and the webcast.  (Doesn’t it seem that the Internet has taken the old phone game and spun it on its head?)

I was familiar with the name Eckhart Tolle but had never read any of his books.  And Oprah, well when you’re famous enough to be known by only your first name…

I admit to not being a great fan of Oprah.  I haven’t watched her show in years.  However, since I’ve found myself on this journey of self-discovery, I’ve learned to pay attention to my surroundings; signs, symbols, words, etc.  I learned about this web cast around the time the Great Big Dreams e-Seminar with Christine Kane ended.  It seemed like a good way to continue my journey and would most likely dovetail with what I learned from Christine.

So I became a “member” on, bought Eckhart’s book, and started reading.  Now this book is not an easy read in the sense that you can just breeze through it without considering the content.  I don’t typically read a book and fold over the corners of pages because some words or paragraphs really struck me.  A New Earth causes you to think about yourself; to reflect inward; to become aware.

The first live webcast took place this past Monday.  As expected when you promote a “never before done on this scale” type of venture, there will be some “technical difficulties.”  As a recent acquaintance said “Oprah broke the Internet.”  Regretably after 20 minutes or so, several viewers experienced broken feeds and blank screens.  And what does one do in that moment?  Several of us returned to our books and continued reading. 

Remember, its not the problem but how you react to it.

I watched the archived webcast Wednesday evening.  It was something.  Here are some comments that I found particulary important.

  • Instead of asking “What do I want from life?” or “What do I want to do with my life”  (both good questions), ask “What does life want from me?”
  • Be still. Creation comes from the stillness within.
  • Honor the space or time set aside for your creating.  Set aside time to create every day .  Even if nothing comes to you, continue to honor that time.
  • Accept what is first before changing it.  Action comes out of acceptance, not resistance.