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The American Craft Council Show Part 2

Here are 10 more artists from the ACC show with stunning work.

John Christopher Borrero:  John is a mixed media/found object artist.  He creates paintings, illustrations, and sculptures inspired by mythology, archeology, anthropology, and theology.

johnborrero1.jpg     johnborrero2.jpg

Carol Owen:  Carol is a mixed media artist who creates altered books, spirit houses and shrines.  She is also the author of the book Crafting Personal Shrines.  I first discovered Carol’s work through her book and find it very inspiring.  It was wonderful to meet her and see her work up close.

carolowen.jpg     carolowen2.jpg

Virginia McKinney:  Virginia creates sculptures and vessels from earthenware clay and fabricated steel.  The idea of home or a dwelling is a recurring theme in her work, often being presented with quirky personalities.


Kimberly Willcox:  Kimberly creates what she calls “3-dimensional objectes from transformed materials.”  Many of her pieces are influenced by the human form.  Several of her sculptures are kinetic.  Please visit her web site to see her awesome work.

Laura Peery:  I first saw Laura’s work here in Boston at the Craft Boston show.  She makes these lovely decorative teapots from porcelain clay.


Christine Kaiser:  Christine describes her work as being created from “hardwork, decent tools, and time.”  Her mixed media pieces are fairytale-like and humorous.

christinekaiser1.gif     christinekaiser2.gif

Christina Goodman:  Christina creates delicate handpainted minatures and jewelry.  She draws inspiration from landscapes by Giovanni Bellini, Lorenzo Lotto, Jan Van Eyck and utilizes 14th and 16th century gilding and painting techniques.


Reina Mia Brill:  I fell in love with Reina’s work when I first saw it on Polymer Clay Notes and it was a joy to see her work in-person.  Reina creates fantastic knitted wire sculptures that bring a smile to your face, followed by a giggle.  As Reina says, she “illustrates a world of childhood memories and experiences” from wire.

reinamiabrill.jpg      reinamiabrill2.jpg

Thomas Wargin:  Thomas is a sculpture whose pieces begin as sketches that are sculpted and then cast in bronze and aluminum.  Thomas says his work represents the merger of man into the modern world.  He draws inspiration from Michaelangeo, Da Vinci, and Picasso.



McNally Instruments:  Bob McNally “had a dream” that people would learn to play music on an instrument that anyone could play…even those with little musical training or ability.  Out of this dream was born The Strumstick, an instrument that reminded me of a guitar and a ukele.  Strumsticks incorporate a combination of diatronic scale and drone tuning.  I don’t completely understand what that means but when you play the Strumstick, it sounds really good!


Phew!  And those are only artists from half of the show.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit the ACC show, I encourage you to do so.  Wear a pair of comfy shoes and buy a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

I hope you are inspired by these artists.  I know I am.