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More Insights and POV on Synergy


A number of artists are blogging about their experience at Synergy.

In an attempt to capture the enthusiasm as we end this week, I thought you might enjoy reading other’s viewpoints and impressions and seeing different pictures, so here we go:

Cynthia Blanton

Susan Lumoto on Polymer Clay Notes

Cynthia Tinapple on Polymer Clay Daily

Judy Dunn

Karen on Art and Tea

Lisa on PolkaDotCreations here and here



Janice Abarbanel

And for a slew of photos, check out Donna Kato’s blog here.

Have a wonderful weekend and as Alison Lee always reminds us “Get your butt in the chair.”

3 thoughts on “More Insights and POV on Synergy

  1. Thanks for the links, Amy ! Looks like I will be making a lot of website visits over the next few days !

  2. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for mentioning my blog! I’m excited to read others’ accounts of their Synergy experience, especially now that we’ve all had some time to digest.
    I can’t wait to have a day to get my butt in the chair!


  3. Hi Dora and Karen,

    Synergy has definitely motivated and inspired many of us. I think it has done wonders for the field of polymer clay and its artists.


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