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On to Synergy


The rest of my week will be spent in Baltimore at the National Polymer Clay Guild’s Synergy conference.  Over 200 people from all over the world are coming to this conference.

The conference is divided into three parts: craftsmanship, business, and design.  Seminar topics each day will focus on these areas.  I am taking seminars with SL Savarick, Robert Dancik, Katherine Dewey, Sara Shriver, Lindly Haunani and others.

Guest speaker presentations are being given by Kathleen Dustin, Carol Duvall, and Jo Lauria.  And three panel discussions on The Hallmarks of Craftsmanship; Inspiration, Originality, and Infringement; and Design Strategies will also be presented.

This should be a very exciting and interesting conference.

4 thoughts on “On to Synergy

  1. Have a great time, Amy ! The conference sounds fantastic; I wish I could’ve attended, but my finances are rather tight at this time, . It just so happens that the areas where I need the most guidance in pursuing my art are ‘craftsmanship’, ‘business’, and ‘design’. The instructor and speaker list is truly impressive. I’m sure you will come away with a lot of useful knowledge and inspiration. I look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Bon Voyage !

  2. Amy, hope you have a blast…sounds like fun….

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  4. Hi Dora and Paula,

    Synergy was great; a wonderful experience.


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