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Paper Doll Collage


Two weeks ago I started a six-week online workshop with Pamela Hastings.  The workshop, Transformational Art Dolls, is hosted by Joggles.  This is my first experience with a multi-week online course.  An advantage to this type of workshop is that you download one lesson per week and work at your own pace.

The first lesson focused on creating a transformational journal, collecting personal images, words, and symbols, and making a paper or fabric icon.

Cutting and tearing pictures and words from magazines was great fun and I finally got everything sorted out.  Then I moved on to making my personal icon.  Pamela provided a template for the doll.   It was up to us to make the collage and cut out the doll.  I didn’t have any idea where to start.  I wasn’t feeling resistant to making the doll; I just didn’t know which direction to take to get her started. 

After a period of time, I decided to collage a sheet of miscellaneous images left over from another project.  Since I was feeling scattered, a smattering of leftover images for this collage seemed appropriate.  When I was satisfied with the collage, I scanned it and printed it onto glossy photopaper, and then cut and assembled the doll.


This doll represents both my playful side (see the lady smiling and holding her toes) as well as a dark side (dark images on the lower half of the body and one wing.)  My dark side is those times when I’m moody, cranky, or down.

The phrases “Nature heals” and “The art of well-being, a detour by the water’s edge” represent how I feel.  Nature is very comforting and soothing to me; it can also be destructive.  Well-being represents the importance of honoring ourselves, treating ourselves to something nice, pleasureable, or meaningful.

On one wing is part of a key.  This represents my search for that key; the key to myself. 

I also added the phrase “The Journey to Greatness: How to Get There.”  It seems appropriate for this first doll as I pursue my journey to greatness.

Finally she wears a crown just because.  We should all feel like queens.  And she had to have a belly button; a beautiful blue belly button.

2 thoughts on “Paper Doll Collage

  1. Amy, your doll is wonderful! I love the way that every part of her holds meaning for you.


  2. Thanks Karen. It is always an interesting process to discover the meaning behind (or about) a piece of art as it is created.


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