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Gifts, Gains, & Gratitude


One aspect of the Great Big Dreams seminar that has really touched me is the creation of a Gratitude, Gifts, & Gains list.

As someone who spent many years moving through life taking things as they came and not truly appreciating what was happening around me, the act of writing gratitudes is indeed powerful.  However, it was not easy to get started.  I’ve tried writing gratitudes before but I never got very far; a couple days here and there.  Perhaps I wasn’t truly ready for this task.

In January, shortly after starting Christine’s seminar, I wrote about choosing a word (or words) to guide me through the year.  Out of three choices, I settled upon the word Gratitude because I knew it was something I needed to work onThis was well before Christine introduced the Gratitude, Gifts, & Gains assignment.

And I believe Christine’s approach has made a difference because it is not only gratitudes that we are asked to consider but any gain we’ve made each day or gift received as well.  Afterall, if we don’t acknowledge our small accomplishments, who will?

Part of our ability to recognize each small gift or gain has to do with setting small goals, from washing the dishes to scooping the cat box to changing the oil in the car.  These may be tasks we dread and therefore put off.  These may be tasks we silently complete without recognition.  But when we complete them and write them down, we recognize how much we’ve accomplished and can give ourselves a pat on the back.

Pay It Forward

A motivating component to setting goals and completing them is to share them with somebody.  I found this to be very motivating in the first Art Salon I participated in two years ago.  And it has been very motivating during this seminar.

So I’d like to make you an offer.

Because I have really benefited from Christine’s seminar and feel it making a difference in my daily life, I am offering to be your “to-do list, goal accomplished person.”

What does that mean?  It means that I’m willing to help you focus and feel a sense of accomplishment.  I’m willing to be that person you verbalize the goal to.  The catch is you have to set a “due date” to complete the goal.

For example, if you need to clear out your closet and you decide you’re going to spend two hours on Saturday doing this, you would send me an email stating the goal and when you will complete it.  When the goal is complete, you send me another email telling me you achieved your goal.

And there will be much rejoicing!  And you will have a sense of accomplishment. 

I’m going to limit this to four people at this time.  If this interests you, post a reply to this blog and I’ll contact you.  These don’t have to be “woo-woo” goals.  It is usually the small tasks that we avoid and that drag us down.  Yet getting these tasks off our to-do lists is really liberating.  It helps us move on to bigger and better things.


2 thoughts on “Gifts, Gains, & Gratitude

  1. Hi Amy,
    How generous of you to do that. I’d like to give that a try.

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