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The Unfinished Business Bucket


As I continue to work on clearing the clutter, I noticed that I had a number of unfinished projects laying about my studio.  I’m sure I’m not the first artist to develop this notorious habit.

There are pieces of art that I started in a workshop and never finished.  A project that cracked during the curing process that I thought I could fix.  An idea that seemed good when I started it but it didn’t quite turn out the way I imagined.

I don’t know why I hang-on to these pieces but I do.  I hang onto them thinking I’ll finish them someday.  In reality they take up valuable table space and I find myself simply moving them from one place to another in my studio.

I suppose I could toss them out.  For some reason that isn’t an option I’m able to accept.

Until now.


As part of my effort to get clear and get through the clutter, I created the Unfinished Business Bucket or UBBIn this bucket I have placed these numerous projects.  The bits and pieces and scrum that have laid unfinished, undesired, unwanted.

And to myself I have given a challenge.  Once a week, or thereabouts, I will pull a piece from the Unfinished Business Bucket and make a determination: To Finish It, To Re-invent It, or To Dump It.

I don’t expect this to be easy.  There must be some pack-rat, can’t waste, I’ll find a use for it someday spirit in my past who causes this to happen.

Whatever it is I want to confront it and use it to my benefit.  I look at this as another exercise in creativity.  Perhaps by clearing out the old, I can make way for new ideas and inspiration.

Or perhaps I’ll just end up with a really clear, clean studio.


4 thoughts on “The Unfinished Business Bucket

  1. Hi Amy,
    Oh good, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who has enough unfinished projects laying around to fill a bucket! Hey, want to trade buckets? Seriously, what a great idea to take all of those unfinished things and put them in one place. Congratulations on taking that step and making room for new inspiration to enter your life!

  2. Hmm… a bucket. I created a shoe box for this during my last craft room clean-up — & it’s amazing how freeing it is to let go of old projects! Plus it makes it much easier to keep my craft desk clean.

    Still, my shoe-box is getting full. A bucket may be the next step up!

    Thanks for another enjoyable post!

  3. And I’m embarassed to admit that I have a clean, clear studio and really haven’t recreated anything with the stuff in the bucket.

    Perhaps a swap of items in our buckets is in order?


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