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My Sweet World Postcard


Here is one postcard I plan to send for submission in the WCA’s Sustaining Our Environment Postcard exhibit.  This postcard is made from an old Christmas card, candy wrappers, and images and letters from old magazines.


My Sweet World (January 2008)

The submission deadline for this exhibit has been extended to February 18.  You can read more about it here.

5 thoughts on “My Sweet World Postcard

  1. That is so cool, Amy. I love the way you put the elements together.

  2. How the heck did you format that? Do you make it? It sounds so elaboarate. It’s a good print version of inspiration. I get a lot of visual inspiration from

  3. Amy, how creative ! Love the postcard and the theme of sustaining the environment! Hmmmm, I noticed the telltale signs of a chocolaholic………….are you a fellow addict?????
    Speaking of ‘environmental art’, my cousin, a free lance ad writer, featured some amazing examples of wall art made entirely of junk mail on her website. I was tempted to start saving the daily arrivals of credit card applications and store catalogs-Cabela’s and LL Bean are the worst offenders, BTW!-but I have enough ‘junk’ in my little house already!

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  5. Thanks for the compliments everyone. Making these postcards is a bit addictive. It has made me pause and think even more about our environment and our environmental footprints.


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