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Art Date: New Art Center-icons & altars 2007


On Friday I visited the icons & altars 2007 show at the New Art Center in Newton.  icons & altars is the New Art Center’s 14th Annual Benefit Exhibition that features the work of 98 regional artists who were invited to create an ‘icon’ or ‘altar’ that was social, personal, spiritual, or cultural.

Some of the art pieces, such as Claudia Arcia’s doll which was suspended in a woven basket, were jarring and made me wonder “What inspired this piece?”

Some pieces were subtle and possessed an air of innocence, such as Lorey Bonante’s ballet slipper and small bird encased in beeswax, Alyssa Jone’s “Good Fortune” which featured a collection of Chinese cookie fortunes on wood with a large copper mesh fortune cookie at the center and Mark Cooper’s “Mask” which had a simply drawn face (that reminded me of a teddy bear) surrounded by miscellaneous shapes and doodles.

Other pieces incorporated nature themes or nature itself such as Maddy Bragar’s “Diablo,” Kelly Burke’s “The Mystery of Faith,” and Marja Lianko’s “Garden Games #3; Morgan’s “Untitled (Fish)” and Judith Motzkin’s “Cairn.”

Unique use of material can be seen in Sharon McCartney’s “Morning Sermon” (mixed media on vintage linen), Ceci Mendez’s “Correspondence” (insides of security lined envelopes) and Tracy Spadafora’s “Sweet Memories (14 Bottles).”  Remember those wax candy bottles?

And probably the most humorous (to me) was Leigh Medeiros’ “You Can’t Have Both” that featured a large cake in the center of hard board.

It is always a joy to visit small galleries and exhibitions.  They are sometimes more casual and feel less “sterile” than visiting a large museum.  It is also a great way to view the works of local artists and perhaps find a piece of art work by an “up and coming” artist.

To view the online slide show of icons & altars 2007, click here

4 thoughts on “Art Date: New Art Center-icons & altars 2007

  1. Wow! Thanks for the kudos! Always great when something you make goes on and has a life of its own.

  2. You’re quite welcome, Leigh. I look forward to seeing more of your art.


  3. Thank you Amy for recognizing the brilliance of my dear friend, Leigh! Leigh, your piece is so fun and so true! Thinking so much of you lately that my search for your work brought me here. Love to hear more about your life and share some of mine. Miss you, my creative muse!

  4. How cool is it when a blog can potentially connect people?


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