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Fiber Artist: Sharon Wheat

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Sharon Wheat is a San Francisco based fiber artist with more than 30 years experience in the field of fine art.  She has received numerous honors including the One Woman Show Award (San Francisco Art Festival), the Best of Show Award (Mill Valley Art Festival), and a Best in Fiber Award (Sausalito Art Festival).

I discovered Sharon’s work on a postcard for the American Art Festival.  Her latest work, Sculptural Totems, are simply wonderful.


The Stoic Ones

Sharon says her Universal Totems physically capture creative energy inspired by aspects of tribal cultures, their rituals, and symbolic imagery.

The totems are formed from wood and incorporate African mud cloth, Indonesian fabrics, Indian silks, South American and Turkish carpets, and othe textile remnants from around the world.

More of Sharon’s art can be found on her site.


One thought on “Fiber Artist: Sharon Wheat

  1. Very inspiring work. Thanks for sharing it.

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