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Something to Crow About

Do you ever have images or shapes or colors that present themselves to you over and over again?  Perhaps in dreams, in books or magazines, or in your day-to-day activities?

Does it make you think someone is trying to send you a message?  Does it make you wonder if you should incorporate it into your art through painting, collage, sculpture or whatever your chosen medium is?

This has been happening to me recently.  Most of my dreams take place in buildings; a home, an apartment, a hotel, a dorm room.  Structures that, for the most part, represent the self.  I’m starting to wonder if I should consider making homes or structures for my art dolls.  Or perhaps shrines?

A couple weeks ago, while meditating, a crow flew into my mind.  I was thinking about my current lines of art and what I really want to focus on and in flew this crow.

Crows symbolize change and prophecy.  They are also known as tricksters and shape shifters; protectors of ancient records and keepers of sacred laws.

And I keep coming across images of them in catalogs and magazines.

So I decided to sculpt a small crow of my own.  He tells me his name is Charlie.  Charlie currently resides on top of my computer monitor where he is keeping watch.


Now some may say it is just “that time of year” when you see more crow images.  But had this crow not flown into my mind during a quiet meditation would I even be paying attention to all the crows I see now?

And paying attention is what I’m learning about this year.  Paying attention to what is presented to me, enjoying it and perhaps finding meaning in it.