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20 Minute Meals

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Where has this week gone?  When I was little I believed that time went to Australia because it was on the other side of the earth.  Now I believe time just keeps moving on whether I catch up with it or not.

Continuing with the time theme, I want to recommend a great cookbook for those who are also pressed for time (all the time or sometimes), Minute Meals: 20 Minute Gourmet Menus.  Delicious Weekday Dinner Solutions from the Chefs at

I found this cookbook last year at Barnes & Nobles during a time when I was feeling exceedingly frustrated with preparing meals and running a home-based business.  I like to cook but I was finding my expectations of myself and my cooking clashing with making time to cook.  In a nutshell, I began to dread cooking and found the whole ordeal very stressful.

Minute Meals is great because each meal/recipe is a complete presentation, including the main entree, salad or veggie, and dessert.  Lots of shortcuts are suggested such as using pre-cut veggies or fruit from the salad bar, microwaving rice (a real light bulb moment for me) and buying bagged salad greens.

Simple tricks that I just never considered because I believed I had to prepare everything by hand and/or prepare it on the cooktop.

Minute Meals is divided into 6 chapters covering main courses (soups and salads), poultry, meat, fish & shellfish, pasta & grains and healthy menus (which are menus that follow dietary guidelines from the USDA and its food pyramid; the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society).  Not that the other menus are “unhealthy” but those in the last chapter include nutrient analyses for all components of the menu.

So, if you feel pressed for time, if cooking is one more task that adds to your stress level, or if you just don’t like to cook and are looking for quick meals, check out Minute Meals.

You can also check out the menus at


One thought on “20 Minute Meals

  1. Thanks for the link! A lot of us struggle with balancing a busy work life and home life. Nowadays, who really has time to come home from a long day at the office and cook up an amazing meal. I’ve been doing some work with Bertolli. Rocco DiSpirito has teamed up with Bertolli to make these helpful videos at Rocco shows you how to whip up some great Mediterranean meals in about 15 minutes. For a quicker meal, there are these Bertolli Mediterranean Style Frozen Dinners that are pretty yummy!

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