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Sculpture in Santa Fe


The art in Santa Fe is simply amazing and inspiring.  And the sculptures are, for the most part, very large.  Even the small indoor sculptures are at least 12″ tall.  I kept hearing Bruce Baker’s voice in my head as he encouraged artists to make their art larger for those art collectors decorating their large homes.

Here are some of my favorite sculptures.


What a great place to read your favorite book!

femaleindianfront.jpg     femaleindianback1.jpg

This sculpture of a female Native American is larger than life.  The quilt work detail was simply stunning.  Unfortunately, I can’t recall her name; she is an actual person from Santa Fe’s history.


And they say everything is bigger in Texas.  I think Santa Fe is giving them some competition.  This ant is actually a chair.  Would you like to sit on his lap?


We had the pleasure of meeting Bill Worrell the artist who created this piece.  He is a former art teacher in his early 70’s.  These pieces were inspired by cave drawings.  Bill was white water rafting one day and had to pull out of the water due to inclement weather.  While taking shelter in a cave he noticed the cave drawings and as they say, the rest is history.  In this gallery he had smaller sculptures, wall hangings, mixed media paintings and jewelry all using the same character.  One of his smaller sculptures came home with us.


I love the flow and shape of this sculpture.  There are four turtles rising toward her, each in successively smaller sizes.


Who said the moon is a man and made from cheese?


It is said that this is what will happen if you stay in Santa Fe too long.  I’d like to try out that theory.

2 thoughts on “Sculpture in Santa Fe

  1. Cool stuff, to read more on Bill Worrell check out:

  2. Thanks for the link PainterP. Bill is very nice and he truly lives his art.


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