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Friday Folly



Palace of Holyrood
Edinburgh, Scotland (2004)

My birthday was this week.  I always feel like a queen on my birthday.  Therefore, I’d like to borrow this signage and hang it outside my studio.


5 thoughts on “Friday Folly

  1. Happy birthday, Amy! I hope you had a fabulous day and wish you a coming year full of magic and wonderful things! -Karen

  2. Thanks Karen. Though I spent my birthday working at the show, it was a great, energetic day filled with many positive people. After the show we had dinner at an Argentinian restaurant which was very nice.


  3. Happy belated B-Day Amy! Glad to hear your show went well!

  4. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Amy, Happy birthday to you!!

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Cat and Patricia!


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