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My Bad Hair Day


Last night at our Bolton Artisans Guild meeting, Laura showed us how to do needle felting and then let us try our hand at it.

This is what happens when my polymer clay hands meet needle felting tools: My Bad Hair Day.


The hairy strands alongside the nose were originally a Fu Man Chu styled mustache but Pippin (our cat) rearranged things a little.

Sculpture in needle felting requires a bit more planning (obviously).  The art of needle felting, however, is quite meditative and the sound of the needle repetitively poking into the wool was oddly soothing.

I enjoyed the process though I think it will take a little more work on my part before it becomes incorporated into my art.  In the meantime, you can enjoy Laura’s wonderful needle felt sculpture here.

2 thoughts on “My Bad Hair Day

  1. Amy,
    Nice start to needle felting!
    It does take planning but it can very rewarding too. And isn’t it great when our animals put their 2 cents in?!
    I just learned to creat dolls with the wet felt method, WAY FUN! Google Deborah Pope for soem really inspring work!


  2. Laura did give us a bit of a start by having the basic shape (the round ball) ready for us. I checked out Deborah Pope’s blog; her work is stunning and those faces….
    Hopefully I’ll get a chance to play with needle felting during the winter. It could make an interesting addition to the polymer clay.


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