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Silence the Ding


I’m busy working away in the studio in preparation for the Paradise City Art Festival.  In order to keep myself from being too distracted by outside noises I instituted one new habit this week that has made a major difference in my ability to get work done.

I silenced the ding (i.e. the bell) on my email.

What a difference this makes in my productivity.  I’d never thought about silencing the email ding before.  Bruce Baker mentioned it in his interview with Allison Lee on Craftcast.  Then I read about doing this in an article in the United Airlines magazine Hemispheres.

Talk about having a Homer Simpson “Doi” moment.

With the computer living in my studio, the email ding was just part of the environmental noise.  I just didn’t realize how very distracting it was to me, even when there is music playing in the background.

So yesterday off went the ding. 

At first I missed the little bugger.  I could still hear him in my head “Hey, I’m here, Ding, come read your email.”  But today has been pure bliss. 

2 thoughts on “Silence the Ding

  1. Great idea, Amy. What a simple thing to do to maintain your focus.
    I didn’t know you could have a “ding” when you got new mail. Since I get my e-mail directly from a website and not through a mail program, I don’t think I have a “ding”. Now, how do I hide my computer? 🙂


  2. Hmm, funny things those computers. You try to avoid them and they keep popping up. And most of them can’t be “accidentally” dropped down the toilet. How about hanging a black cloth over your computer with a large sign that says “Do Not Touch?” Where is that Harry Potter invisibility cloak when you need it? -Amy

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