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Return to Home


After a glorious week of just “being” in Santa Fe, we returned home last night around 9:30pm.  I can’t recall being in Logan Airport and witnessing such a quiet environment.  There were no more outgoing flights on United (at least in our part of the terminal.)  There were no vendors selling their wares, except for the Dunkin Donuts across from baggage claim.  I talked with a lovely lady there; she was from Morocco.   We were away from home for a week and that means a nearly empty refrigerator will greet us.  I bought a couple muffins for Sunday breakfast.  The lovely lady from Morocco worked the counter.  She told me DD is open 24 hours…because people really like their DD coffee.  I told her I didn’t drink coffee but love a good cup of tea.  She told me I must try Moroccan tea; she highly recommended it.

Returning home from vacation can be a mixed blessing.  After some vacations, I can’t wait to get home (ask me about our trip to Whistler, BC.)  At other times, I wish the vacation would continue.  Or that I could at least bottle it into a nice little container and keep it with me forever.

Santa Fe was one of those vacations.  When we were preparing to leave Santa Fe on Saturday I had this nagging feeling that I was missing something.  That I was leaving something behind.  As strange as it may sound, I think I left a little bit of myself in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe has a population of 68,000 which includes 5,500 artists and 300 galleries.  The vibe is pretty laid-back and people are quite friendly.  The sky is forever blue.

The energy in Santa Fe is interesting; a mix of creativity and spirituality, a smattering of politics and a rich history that includes Spain, Mexico, Native Americans, the French, Christians and Jews.  You see art on almost every corner.  And the food is not only regional (Southwest and Mexican) but Indian, Thai, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and traditional American.

And the scenery.  There are wide open vistas, mountains, and deep gorges.  Adobe style homes dot the land.  And that endless blue sky.  Apparently New Mexico is a prime location for painters because of the perfect light.



Santa Fe is a mecca for artists.  It ranks right up there with New York and Chicago.  Of course, with 5,500 artists in one area, the competition is bound to be strong and I’m sure some of the waitstaff we met were artists trying to make ends meet.  However, the inspiration is endless and my head is full of ideas.

I will need to remember this vacation over the next few weeks as I gear up for the Paradise City Arts Festival, a couple of small shows, and fill wholesale orders.  I will write more about Santa Fe when I can in the upcoming weeks.  There is much inspiration to share.  And if words can’t be formed, perhaps a picture will suffice.

2 thoughts on “Return to Home

  1. Welcome home, Amy! It sounds like you had a fabulous time. You looks so relaxed and balanced in your photo. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  2. Hi Karen!

    Yep, Santa Fe was fantastic! The picture above was taken at the White Rock overlook. The view was breathtaking. There were these cool hummingbird-like wasps buzzing around. What was really neat was watching the pending thunderstorm roll in. You could see a split in the sky between crystal blue and grey, angry thunderheads. I heard the sky rumble and then CRACK; we saw a great bolt of lightning open from the sky. It was very powerful.

    There’s more to come so “stay tuned.”


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