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Art Date: Santa Fe


We’re spending this week in Santa Fe, New Mexico, soaking up the sun, the outstanding art, and the excellent food. I probably won’t post much until we return home. Suffice to say that the art is very inspiring, the food is wonderful, the people are friendly, and the surroundings are stunning.

One of the coolest things we saw today was a double full rainbow on our way back to Santa Fe from Jemez Springs.

Yes, we’ve gone over the rainbow and yes, Toto, this isn’t Kansas.

2 thoughts on “Art Date: Santa Fe

  1. Oh shoot Amy! Didn’t you send me an email a while back telling me that you would be in NM??

    Rats, I bet I never replied to you…I’m sorry! If you get this message while you’re still in my neck of the woods, email and we’ll meet somewhere.

    Barb in Albuquerque

  2. Have fun! Santa Fe is so magical. We need pictures. I know you’re taking them. 🙂

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