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Chakra Energy Angels-Heart Chakra

Along with challenging myself to create some larger art dolls, I’ve also wanted to create art dolls that I could potentially introduce to the wholesale market.  For me this typically means something that you can reproduce, possibly in production format, that is also relatively affordable.

I’ve also found myself inspired by the lovely work of both Laurie Mika and Tejae Floyde while thinking about the creation of smaller art dolls when the idea hit me.

In the past I tried to make an art doll using a removeable interior solid mold much like you use to create rock purses or vessels.  I like the surface work one can put onto these pieces but wrangling with the mold can be frustrating.  My desire was to keep this relatively simple.

Here is what I came up with:


Chakra Energy Angels.  This first one is for the heart chakra.  She is my personal chakra energy angel.