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Fire Theme Art Exhibit: Bolton Artisans Guild

One of the great aspects of participating in an art exhibit as a guild is seeing your fellow artisans think outside of the box; creating pieces of art that may be different from their usual work.  We all drew inspiration from different areas for this exhibit.  Here are the pieces created by some of the Bolton Artisan Guild members for the Fire Theme Art Exhibit.


Brenda was inspired by the tiny dancing flames from a fire in her fireplace and recreated them in a necklace of twisted gold wire and Swarovski crystals.


Chris and Carol were also inspired by the flames of fire.  Chris recreated the multiple colors of flames in a peyote stitch ring.  Carol chose various shades and tones of red to replicate flames in bracelets.  There are 750 beads in her bracelets!

gayles1blog.jpg     gayles2blog.jpg

Gayle used fire itself to create her pieces.  The tiles and vessel were placed in a pit, burned for several hours, and then left to smolder for at least one full day.  Scrubbing and hand rubbing enhance the flame effect.


Laura was inspired by a volcanic mountain which she created from natural and dyed wool fibers and needle felted into its volcanic shape and molten lava flow.


Peter drew inspiration from wood in his workshop to create a volcano inspired table.  The bottom is figured reddish wood shaped into a pyramid and is topped with figured maple with a live edge that appears to imitate molten lava.


Sheryl’s piece was influenced by her appreciation for the solar system and her respect for the sun’s heat and power.  Titled Solar Flare, Sheryl’s necklace is handcrafted from sterling and fine silver, 24k gold, and copper.


Verjik’s watercolor painting was inspired by a childhood memory of Chahrshanbeh Suri, the festival of fire, where children dance around and jump over the flames to stop the sun from setting.


Amy drew inspiration from the element fire to create her Fire Spirit Messenger.  The element fire represents Mars (“the red planet”), the south, summer, and governs heat.  Fire also represents creativity and passion.  A larger image of the Fire Spirit Messenger can be seen here.