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Willow Art

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199327_1b.jpgJohn McQueen trained as a sculptor and as a contemporary fiber artist he uses willow branches and string to create stunning basket sculptures that are both humorous and subtle in their commentary.  McQueen “weaves willow twigs into flat open work panels, that are tied together with wax string and built into sculptural constructions. Some works are cage-like while others resemble familiar objects — a book, a desk calendar, a painting.”



McQueen’s work, along with Margo Mensing’s, is on display this month at the Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge.  McQueen’s work will also be featured in the exhibit “Shy Boy, She Devil, and Isis: The Art of Conceptual Craft” at the MFA.

For more images, click here.


One thought on “Willow Art

  1. I would like to reach John McQueen to ask him to teach a workshop. could you send me his address? or any information you have about how I might reach him? Thank you. Claire Reishman
    Director, Shakerag Workshops
    Sewanee TN

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