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Quite a while ago I started to work through The Creativity Book by Eric Maisel.  I love these inspiration and guidance books; but I never seem to finish the majority of them.

Today, however, I pulled out The Creativity Book and picked up where I left off.  The exercise focused on studying a blade of grass.


Yep, a blade of grass.  You could also study a flower or a tree or a plant in your home but it had to be some item in nature.  So what is the point?

To observe.  To notice.  To slow down.  To remember that we are part of a greater existence.  And yes, to possibly feel inspired.

In many of our lives, we spend way to much time fighting traffic, running from place to place, or meeting to meeting, barely stopping to catch our breath, and then we come home and collapse.

hydrangeablog.jpgWhen you slow down and stop to observe your surroundings, you drink in what is all around you.  You slow yourself down.  You take time to breath deep and exhale.  You slow down your thoughts and, perhaps, quiet your mind.  And in the quiet you might open yourself to thoughts of creativity and inspiration.

It worked for me.  The ArtDollz discussion group on Yahoo is working up another challenge.  The theme this time is “stick dolls.”  During that time of quiet observation an idea came to me for this challenge and I’m going to try and work with it.

blkeyedsusanblog.jpgAnd that is another aspect of observing and letting ideas come to you.  Acting on those ideas; whether in physical form or drawing them or journaling about them.  When we observe and open ourselves and work through our ideas, the possibilities are endless. 

And what did I observe while studying a blade of grass?  That each blade of grass is individual; some are tall, some are short, and others tipped over at the top.  Some moved in the wind as a group and others held their ground and didn’t move at all.  Some moved in one direction and others in the opposite direction.  And not every blade of grass is the same shade of green.  Some are dark, some are light, and some are a blend.

Just like us.