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“We Have the Key”


“We Have the Key” started out as a stick I found in our yard.  Now, he represents a call to save the earth.  When I started to put this art doll together I was thinking about the whale watch we went on last week.  A whale watch is an experience you never forget; to come so close to one of the largest creatures on earth as you stand on a boat in the middle of the ocean is to truly feel insignificant.

The copper netting around the neck represents the fishing nets that have snared whales and other sea creatures; the dangling beads symbolize the junk that floats in our waters that also contributes to damaging our ecosystem.

The shell is for the ocean, the feathers for birds, and the black mask bead for our ancestors who tilled the soil, fished the oceans, and passed down our love of nature.  And over this doll’s face is another mask.  A mask that represents our failure to successfully solve this problem.  Have we made changes? Definitely.  Can we do more? Certainly.  Yet we hide behind a mask, thinking we have done enough; that maybe the problems will go away or that someone else will find the answer but never reacting until the problem becomes huge.  We REact instead of PROact.

A word bead dangles from a representative noose around his waist that has two words on either side: wild and sad.  The earth and the animals wish to be wild, to retain their freedom.  Yet our advancement and subsequent abuse of Mother Earth leaves it sad and imbalanced.  However, hidden, on the other side of the stick, is a small gold key.  A key to our salvation; a key to cure our ills and correct the destruction we have created.  It is there.  If we look hard enough and work together, we will find it.