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A Hiding Spot

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I’ve discovered a new hiding spot in our garden.  I love to come to this spot and stand amongst the flowers; to hear the bees buzzing and to watch the butterflies.


I love this spot because it hides me from the house.


I love this spot because it brings me peace and inspiration.


Do you have a favorite hiding spot?

One thought on “A Hiding Spot

  1. Hi Amy, I love your photos of your special spot. I have discovered a spot at my S.O.’s house. It is out back under the second floor wooden deck so it is covered and hidden from the rest of the house and the road. On the right under the stairs is a wonderful natural moss and fern garden. Hanging from the bottom of the deck is a hummingbird feeder. There is also a butterfly bush very close by so I can sit and watch the butterflies, hummingbird moths and hummingbirds flitting and buzzing around. It is a very magical place, a place to escape and hide when it’s time to be quiet and recharge. Thanks for reminding me of that very special place. -Karen

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