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Play Time!

One of my goals is to spend a little more time playing and experimenting in the studio.  I’m trying to split my day between those tasks that must be completed (e.g. orders) and the more creative activities that keep the muse happy.

So with that in mind, here are a few things that came about the last couple of days:

Tea mix-ins

Tea Mix-ins: I’ve been saving dried Jasmine tea leaves (after steeping) for this project.  Jasmine tea leaves come rolled in a tight, tight ball and unfurl when steeped in hot water.  Mixed into translucent clay they aren’t very exciting.  I tinted the clay with Pinata and/or Ranger inks.  Next time I may try mica or embossing powders with the tea leaves for a faux stone look.

TLS Paper

TLS “Paper”: I love this technique.  I originally learned about it from an article Geraldine Newfry wrote for Cloth, Paper, ScissorsDonna Kato has a similar technique in her new book that I also want to try.  I think this “paper” might make a good cover for a goth-inspired art doll.

foilarmhead1.jpg    foilarmhead2.jpg

Foil armature head:  Another goal is to start making larger art dolls and that means using armatures.  Here I started with a crumpled ball of aluminum foil that I covered with glue soaked tissue paper to smooth the surface.  In this stage the head kind of looks like Voldemort.

But apply a little polymer clay and here is finished head:


It has been a while since I created a formal sculpted head.  I completely forgot to mark out facial landmarks (except for the eye sockets which were pushed into the foil.)  So this fellas head was done free-form which probably gives him a slightly wonky look.

As usual there are more ideas rolling around in my head.  Unfortunatley they’ll have to wait for another day to emerge.  I hope you found some time to play today.  It really does feed the soul.