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Transformative Nature of Art Dolls


Do you ever feel that the art you’re making has the power to transform your path in life?  I’m begin to wonder if my art dolls have that power.

Since I’ve made the leap and started making art dolls my work has appeared twice in the Crafts Report magazine; I’ve been accepted into the Paradise City Arts Festival, a local gallery where I consign my functional art has asked me to bring in some art dolls to sell and now I find my Celtic Spirit Doll Messenger featured “In the Spotlight” on Go-Make-Art.

Go-Make-Art is run by Stacey Apeitos which features a wonderful online ezine Astarte Mega-Zine.  Stacey also owns the blog Ispirato.

Perhaps it is because my art dolls come from the heart.  I know I have a connection with them and that connection sometimes reaches other people.  Sometimes it is luck; you submit a piece to magazine or a jury and the work clicks with the person on the other end.  Whatever it is, I’m starting to believe in the transformative nature of art dolls.  I know they are transforming me.

2 thoughts on “Transformative Nature of Art Dolls

  1. Ah, Amy – you can DEFINITELY see the heart poured into your dolls. Yes, they are transformative. They capture a sense of the Goddess, too. And let’s not ignore the fact that they are also beautifully crafted!

  2. I thought your Celtic Spirit Doll was very unusual in essence. At first I did’nt like it at all because it was so very different. Than I read the meaning behind the piece and I was moved bi your eloquence of naturalness. I thought it was most interesting that you all ways beggin with the head! LOL! How perceptive and wise you truly are of life! I adored how you described your personal friendships of connection on a profound level. I thought it was intriguing how your Celtic doll had no arms or legs as if she/he was swaddled by Mother Earth (herself) and yet I could see physical reality of rocks in a variety of colors. It would be fun to look at your art doll in person and study it close up ! You have inspired me to create a few dolls of my own tonight! Ta da! HOorah! love,pcGirl

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