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Friday Folly


Along the Royal Mile
Edinburgh, Scotland (2004)

Please to bend down for the one called the Greenman;
forever to him you’re tied. 
Please to dance round for the one called the Greenman;
dressed in the fruits of the wild. 
Lay your head on the Greenman;
build a bed out of oak and pine. -XTC



Talking Stick Art Doll Round Robin: Part 1

The Talking Stick art doll round robin has begun.  Yesterday, Karen, Judy, and I exchanged doll heads in part one of our round robin.  The goal of this first exchange was to create a doll head no longer than 2″.  Color, facial design, and head shape were all up to the artist.

We agreed to “hide” the doll’s head by wrapping it and placing it in a bag or box or both.  This made the “unveiling” a bit like Christmas or our birthdays.  We also bought or made journals to accompany the dolls on their journey.  The journals will be used to document the creative process which can be written in either the doll’s “voice,” our voice, or both.  We can also put pictures, poems, words cut from magazines, and so forth in the journals.  And the journals may be altered by each artist if they desire.

The hardest part of this first exchange was deciding whether or not we would open the packages in front of each other and reveal the heads to each other or if we would open the packages privately at home.  Anticipation and excitement won out.  Below are pictures of the doll head I created and the doll head I received.

Amy’s RR doll head  Judy’s doll head

And here are additional shots of my doll’s head, sideviews and rear.  Poor guy looks like he is submitting to mug shots.

Doll head left  Doll head right Doll head rear

The next step in our round robin is to create a body for the doll.  The bodies must incorporate polymer clay but other media are encouraged.  We also have permission to alter the doll head we received which could include adding hair, a hat, another head or whatever the muse tells us.

We meet again in four weeks for the next exchange.  I already have some ideas for transforming my adopted doll.  And I can’t wait to see how my doll will be transformed.