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Progression-A Look Back


Libby Mills posted a “challenge” on her blog Libzoid to polymer artist bloggers to post some images of past work.  The impetus was an earlier post on Libzoid about the progression an artist makes along the way to new and beautiful pieces.

In the spirit of looking back in order to move forward, I’ve pulled out a few pictures of older pieces that I really liked when I made them.

British Ladies Bracelet BritishLadies Bracelet(2003-04)

Following what I learned in Gwen Gibson’s workshop I created several tile bracelets.  I love these images and that you can reverse the bracelet to wear the textured side out for a different look.  However creating successful image transfers on a consistent basis was, uhm, inconsistent.  I trashed a number of bracelet tiles.  I also frequently tied my fingers in knots trying to knot the stretch elastic that joins the tiles.

Cinnebar Laughing Man Amulet Necklace (200?)

Cinnebar amulet

This piece was inspired by an article Nan Roche wrote on creating faux cinnebar.  The amulet was created over an empty matchbox.  The top slides up and you can put small items into the amulet.  I love the mold for creating this face.  I found that both men and women liked the amulet necklaces.

Buddha Peace Necklace Buddha Peace Necklace(200?)

This special piece was created for our yoga teacher for her birthday.  The text on the focal medallion is a Tibtian prayer for peace.  The full prayer was broken into two pieces and two necklaces were created; one for our yoga teacher and one for myself. 


Snow Spirit Necklace Snow Spirit Necklace(2002-03)

Here is one of my spirit necklaces, my first art doll creations.  This piece is created from pearl clay that was dusted with micro pearl Pearl-Ex powder.  The face was created from a push mold and antiqued.  I admit that the face is a little scary.  I remember the number of times that strand of beads broke apart sending seed beads across my work table.  And how I struggled to wrap the gold wire around a skewer to create those caps which hold the satin cord.  Funny how some of your first creations are more involved in their execution than they probably need to be.

I Shine Spirit Necklace I Shine Spirit Necklace(2002-03)

For some reason this little lady is one of my favorites and I refuse to sell her.  I think I felt sorry for her when I pulled her head from the push mold because she only had one eye, hence the eye patch.  As she came together, I saw the beauty in her face.  To me she is a symbol of strength when facing adversity.  It didn’t matter if she could only see with one eye because what she saw was clearer than those with two eyes.  I think that is why I chose the words on her body, “I Shine.” 
Some think those words represent some strange sense of humor (the eyepatch, “I Shine,” a “shiner.”)   However, she and I know the truth.

So there are a few examples of my early work when I was focused on jewelry.   It was fun to remember what inspired me to make certain pieces.  Though I no longer make jewelry, I’m glad I gave it a try.  I still have several of these pieces and they still make me smile.

3 thoughts on “Progression-A Look Back

  1. Thanks for posting this Amy! Beautiful images. The spirit dolls really resonate with your current work. I hope you enjoyed looking back as much as I did.

  2. Hi Libby,

    Yes, looking back at my early art was fun. Sometimes there are things that we forget or things that we thought were awful. Time has a way of softening the view, if you know what I mean.

  3. I like how you write about what you create with your hands. It is nice to have a variety of visual pieces to look at while daydreaming about your words of artistic marketing for the medium of polymer clay in jewelry making!Sweet! love,pcgirl

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