Musings from the Moonroom

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Favorite Sounds

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1. Birds chirping in the morning.  Getting up early does have its benefits.

2. Cats purring.

3. Our backyard owl hooting.  He is a Bard owl.  We named him Shakespeare. Get it?

4. Elk bugling. An eerie sound; one you’ll never forget and will miss when you don’t hear it.

5. Peepers in the spring.  You know spring is here when the peepers start their symphony.

6. Crickets.

7. Skis cutting through fresh snow.  Or in the case of the East Coast-freshly groomed snow; ah corduroy!

8. Bicycles whirring through a road race.

9. Water hitting the shore.  The lake or the ocean.

10. OM. Say it a few times when you’re feeling stressed and see if you don’t feel better afterwards.

11. Eric playing piano.

12. Woody serenading us with his stuffed mouse George.  Woody is one of our two cats.  This is known as “being Georged” and it is an honor! 

Woody has a toy mouse named George that he likes to carry around the house.  He mews while carrying George in his mouth and then presents George to us.  Because we are such terrible hunters, Woody feels it is his duty to bring us “food.”  Oh, we named the mouse George.  The name comes from a classic Bugs Bunny episode where Bugs meets the Abominable Snowman.  Abominable picks up Bugs, holds him tightly and states “I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George.”  Nuff said.

13. Silence.

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