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Heads Up!


As often happens at art retreats, committee members spend a fair amount of time socializing, running the weekend’s activities, and ensuring that attendees are having a good time; clay time is sometimes limited.  Along with three business card cases, I was able to create two new art doll heads and started working on a doll body.

Here is the unnamed head and Green Man: KK 07 Heads 

Green Man was taken from a mold.  The “wall” behind him is hollow.  The green on his face is embossing powder mixed into TLS.  I’ve got a couple ideas in my head for what the body will look like.

And here is Quark:  Quark 

Quark’s head was made a few months ago.  The lower dress on his body has an underwater scene impressed into the clay.  The clay was then accented with various colors of acrylic paint.  He needs more embellishments before going into the oven.

And as always happens at art retreats, just as I was getting into a groove creating, the weekend came to an end.

3 thoughts on “Heads Up!

  1. Hi Amy, The green accent made with the embossing powder & TLS on the Green Man came out great. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for bodies for him and the “interesting eyebrows” guy. I love Quark’s name! Wasn’t that the name of a Ferengi bartender on Star Trek Deep Space Nine? -Karen

  2. I love the green man mold! BeautyFull! Where can I find little head molds to use in polymer clay? Can you share some sources? Just wondering.Thought it was worth asking you directly! Thanks! love,pgGirl

  3. Love the Green Man. Love dolls! I’ve made posts about both on my blog (but you might have to squint past the main subject matter, LOL!)

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