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Art Date-Russian Icon Museum

Another way to get the creative juices flowing is to schedule an art date for yourself or with a friend.  An art date can be as simple as meeting for lunch (or treating yourself) or attending workshops together.

Today I went with a friend and fellow artist to a gem of a little museum in Clinton.  Verjik and I are members of the Bolton Artisans Guild.  Verjik is a painter, specializing in watercolors.  She also works with beautiful materials to create hand and evening bags and precious gems and beads from which she makes necklaces and earrings.

The museum we visited was the Russian Icon Museum which showcases Russian icons collected by Gordon Lankton.  The icons are from Mr. Lankton’s personal collection; a collection that started in 1989 on a business trip to Russia. 

The artwork is simply stunning.  Simple and intricate details of saints and religious events painted onto a panel covered with gesso, plaster and glue.  Many icons are accented with silver, gold leaf, or beadwork.  The beauty of the icons is enhanced by their worn appearance.

Some of my favorite icons were the triptychs and folding panels.  They gave me some ideas for presenting art dolls or perhaps the creation of a secret hiding space.  They also piqued my interest in combining different mediums into one piece of art.

After a stressful start to the day, a visit to a quiet museum was just what I needed.  I came home refreshed, focused, and inspired to push my creative muse even further.

St. Nicholas Triptych     St.Nicholas