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The Doll that Inspired a Round Robin

The Soul of Art is Inspiration -Ginia Davis 

It is always interesting what happens when a group of artists get together.  About two weeks ago I met up with two artist friends, Judy and Karen.  We met at the local Border’s Books to talk and share our newest creations.

Judy shared what she had created in a recent Michael de Meng workshop.  Karen shared her newest beaded jewelry creations.  And I shared some of my art dolls.  We ooh’d and aah’d and asked questions about process and inspiration.

A comment was made about one of my art dolls; how well he(?) fit into one’s hand.  It was somehow comforting to hold the doll.

Karen asked if we were familiar with “talking sticks.”  She explained a little about this Native American tradition.  Oddly, when you held this particular doll, it did look like you were holding a microphone.

Over the next couple of days emails went back and forth about how much fun it was to get together, how great everyone’s art looked, and when we would meet next.  Karen directed us to online information on talking sticks.

And then it happened.

We started referring to that art doll as the talking stick doll.  We started talking about how we should all make a talking stick doll and share what we make the next time we meet.  Ideas started coming left and right. Then it was suggested that we have our own talking stick doll round robin.

The energy that flows when you gather with fellow artists is contagious.  Many of us work in solitary environments so meeting and networking is important.  Not only do we support one another but by gathering we inspire each other.  Someone might have a suggestion to a problem with a piece you’re working on.  Someone might offer an idea to make a piece of art even better.  Someone might have resources for materials. And sometimes one piece of art can inspire you to create something even more meaningful.

Our first round robin meeting date is later this month.  We set some initial parameters to get us started and will refine the rest as we go along.  We’re all looking forward to create the first component and trading them.  I’ll let you know how everything develops.

And it all started with a simple art doll.