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The Find

Have you ever been inspired to create something only to find you lack the tools or materials?  Has something ever caught your eye while on a walk and you think “I should pick that up and make something with it”?  Have you had these thoughts and then decided not to pursue the idea or item only to regret your decision later?

I have.

Yesterday, however, I decided not to follow that pattern of thought. 

For the last couple of years I’ve entertained the idea of making a bicycle topiary/sculpture for our garden.  The only thing I was lacking was the bike; a used, old bike. 

And yesterday the opportunity presented itself. 

An old bike, leftover from a garage sale, was propped against a tree with a “free” sign next to it.  I drove past it.  It looked perfect; a woman’s bike complete with a headlight, fenders and padded seat.  And pre-rusted to boot!

I drove to the bank and returned to where the bike stood.  I had to make a decision.  Welcome the opportunity and take a chance or drive away and possibly regret my decision.

The bike came home with me.

Old Bike

The bike is a single speed Starjet CBC which was apparently an off-brand bike manufacturer in New York.  The chain guard has the word “Deluxe” on it.  The seat post tube has a sticker on it that rates the bike as BMA/6 Certified. And on the top tube someone put the name “Ginny” with an old label maker.

It reminds me of an old Schwinn bike I had as a kid.

I’m learning that creating art is about making choices, finding an opportunity (or being presented with one), and taking chances.  Art is about pushing the envelope, following your desires, and maybe falling flat on your face.  (Perhaps art really does imitate life.)

I’m excited about bringing the bike home and what this project will involve.  I’m happy that I took a chance when the opportunity presented itself.  Since immersing myself in art as a business, I’ve learned to grow as a person; to try something new, to take a chance, and to gain self-confidence and a sense of independence.

It will be interesting to see where “Ginny” the bike leads me.

Celebrate your independence on this 4th of July!