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Roald-So it begins

Back in April, after months of self-debate, I decided to “put my butt in the chair” and try my hand at sculpting.  For one week all I did was practice sculpting heads.  I combed through books by Maureen Carlson and Susanna Oroyan for inspiration and guidance.  I found myself giggling and laughing at what my hands were creating.  It was fun and frustrating; an adventure that I’d been seeking for some time.

In yesterday’s post I included a picture of my first sculpted heads.  One of those heads with the ghostly eyes became Roald.  Roald

Roald is a hollow form doll made entirely of polymer clay.  The coloring of his body was inspired by the spring season in which he was created.  The collar of his outfit was created by applying thin layers of translucent liquid sculpey to glass and tinting each layer of TLS.  Once the completed layers were removed from the glass, I cut out those tiny leaf shapes and applied them to a base layer of polymer clay.  His eyes are handpainted.  Most of my art dolls don’t have hair attached to them.  Roald thought he would look dashing with an acorn top cap.

I think we were both astonished and amazed at the end result.  Can you tell by the look on his face?  It is a thrill to start with a ball of clay and end with this little “person.”